uBlock Origin, The Best AdBlock Alternative

For AdBlock (Plus) alternatives, look no further than uBlock Origin. This tutorial explains why, and how, you should use it.

I2P Browser Setup Tutorial | Using The Tor Browser For I2P

Learn how to browse I2P using the Tor Browser with this short guide

Privacy On Android | 2016 Android Privacy Guide

A tutorial on how to build privacy on your Android device. Learn what you need to do to stay safe and secure.

Linux File Encryption Using GPG

How to encrypt files on Linux using symmetric GPG encryption

I2P-Bote and Thunderbird | Setup Tutorial

How to integrate I2P-Bote email into Thunderbird

I2P Bootstrap | Automatically Generate I2P Routers

A script to automatically set up an I2P router on a server

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Trump's Toolbox | Future Attribute Screening Technology

FAST is a program that attempts to wirelessly detect whether youre a terrorist, and its in Trump's back pocket.

New I2P Portal For TheTinHat

TheTinHat has moved to a new server, with a new I2P hidden service to accompany it.

Rebranding 'The Dark Net'

Disassociating decentralized networks with the term 'darknets'.

In Defense of Browser-Based Email Encryption

Why I've reversed my opinion on Protonmail and Tutanota

Quick Tip | Cryptofree

It might be slow, but its free and pretty damn useful.

Pakistan Enforces SIM Registration, But Will It Work?

Why I'm skeptical of these styles of anti-terror policies

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What is The Tin Hat?

In 2013, Edward Snowden fundamentally disrupted our understandings of privacy and surveillance. The scope, scale, and intensity of modern government surveillance is tremendous to the point of appearing inescapable. Yet, government surveillance is only one concern in the information age: corporations vacuum our data to create digital doppelgangers that they hope will enable them to sell us their endless product lines. Meanwhile, the databases in which our doppelgangers rest are continually being bought, sold, and stolen, with the latter being the product of ever-more-rapid technological development at the cost of security. Indeed, we now find ourselves grasping for the shadow of privacy in the face of the modern chimera of surveillance.

Despite these challenges, privacy is not dead. Every time we are pushed closer to the wall, many have pushed back by creating tools and techniques that provide a handle on our privacy. Whether it is quantum-proof encryption or a simple add-on that blocks advertisements, there are steps we can take, however small, that limit the ability for adversaries to siphon our data. There is no silver bullet, but by continuing to develop new tools and learning how to use them we push further back in favor of privacy. The Tin Hat teaches you how to make this push by providing clear, understandable information and tutorials on modern privacy tools that help you reclaim your data.

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