What Is The Tin Hat?

Privacy is hard. With ever-increasing amounts of data being collected about us through an ever-widening set of methods, fighting back against surveillance often seems like a lost cause. The goal of this site is to convince you otherwise; it is to show that meaningful privacy is both achievable and desirable. Through tutorials walking you through privacy-preserving technologies, and articles discussing issues surrounding privacy, surveillance, big-data, and technology, TheTinHat.com is a site that helps you find shelter from surveillance.

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Why Support Me? Because you want to support my ability to write content for the site. My content will always be free, but earning income from my work on the site enables me to focus more attention to it, resulting in more content. The server that the site is running on also powers a Tor relay and a high bandwidth I2P router, so you're supporting those as well.


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Who Am I?

It's only ethical that I clearly describe my qualifications. While I do deal with the theoretical and social implications of surveillance in my professional life, I am not formally trained in Information Security or Computer Science. What I have learned I have taught myself. Nevertheless, my posts are the product of much research, and I consider my strength to be that I am able to distill complex aspects of technology into a more understandable form. Consider me a translator, a messenger. Of course, what this means is that I will be prone to mistakes, however I make every attempt to ensure that this does not happen. If on the off chance it does, I urge you to please contact me immediately such that I can review the mistake and correct it if necessary.

Privacy Policy

The Tin Hat uses Piwik Analytics. This means that the following information is recorded when you visit the site:

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The Tin Hat does not send or sell this data to third parties. The primary use for this data is to see where traffic is referred from, and how much traffic the site undergoes each day. Cookies are also used to achieve this goal.

Last Edited: February 27, 2015

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