How Do I Start An Anonymous Blog?

If you want to start an anonymous blog, there's a lot of considerations. This primer will point you to the tools and tips you need to get started.

Privacy in America Now Starts With a VPN | A Brief Note on Threat Modelling and Lesser Evils

American ISPs are now selling your data, and despite controversy, a VPN isn't necessarily a bad idea.

4 Reasons To Ditch Your Browser and Use Brave (and yes, one of them is Bitcoin)

Brave is disrupting the entire online advertising model for the better. Learn what it can do for you.

Is Tor Safe? | Assessing 5 Claims About Tor’s Security

Is Tor funded by the US government? Can it be hacked? Can it be broken by mere statistics? This article unpacks those claims.

Why Location Privacy Matters

Location data says a lot about us, with or without Stingrays at work. We need to take it more seriously.

What is Device Fingerprinting?

Learn what browser fingerprinting is and how it canb e used to track you online.

Ledger Nano S Review | Why You Need a Bitcoin Hardware Wallet

A review of the Ledger Nano S, and an explanation of why hardware wallets just make life better when using Bitcoin

What is Two Factor Authentication (2FA) And Why Use It?

What 2FA is, why you should use it, and why we need FIDO U2F.

Support The Tin Hat on Patreon!

The Tin Hat now has a few more ways to support the site.

What is a hash?

A simple explanation of what hashing is, and how hashes are used.

Trump's Toolbox | Future Attribute Screening Technology

FAST is a program that attempts to wirelessly detect whether youre a terrorist, and its in Trump's back pocket.

New I2P Portal For TheTinHat

TheTinHat has moved to a new server, with a new I2P hidden service to accompany it.

Rebranding 'The Dark Net'

Disassociating decentralized networks with the term 'darknets'.

In Defense of Browser-Based Email Encryption

Why I've reversed my opinion on Protonmail and Tutanota

Privacy Focused Blog Platform

A rundown of the tools I use to power my blog, hidden services.

A Lighter-weight Firefox

How I've set up a lightweight, yet still private browser.

Content Monetization Strategies For The Privacy Conscious

How blogs can make money without exploiting their audience.

Three Reasons Not to Use Skype

Skype is easily one of the worst applications that privacy-conscious users could install.

The Pirate Bay Has No Place in 2015

If The Pirate Bay wants to survive in the long term it needs to innovate.

I2P Services | A Curated Guide to I2P

I2P is for more than just drug markets. This is a list of services I2P has to offer.

Syncthing | A Few Quick Thoughts

My experience with syncthing after having used it for a few weeks.

Through A Network, Darkly | A Geographic Look At I2P

A geographic look at the I2P network

Privacy Gimmicks | Don't Buy Into Them

Security and privacy tools are constantly appearing on the web, and we need to stop funding them blindly

Facial Recognition and Public Privacy

Why saying that we have no expectation of privacy in public is fundamentally flawed, and how facial recognition threatens this privacy.

Qubes OS | My Experience So Far

This is a small review on Qubes having used it for three weeks, as well as a quick primer on what QubesOS is and how it can help you.

I2P | An Infographic

A quick and dirty infographic on the absolute basics of how I2P's garlic routing works

Why I Support Tor and I2P

We are building the nervous system of our species. Tor and I2P allow us to build it right

Why Care About Privacy?

Learn to care about privacy, the fundamental human right that is integral to free speech.

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