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I2P Services | A Curated Guide to I2P

I2P Services | A Curated Guide to I2P

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Lately, several articles have been published about I2P largely due to the Silk Road moving from Tor. Some of these articles have done a good job in covering I2P, others not so much.

It seems that one of the hurdles that authors are having trouble with is understanding the idea that there is more to I2P than simply a drug market. Thus, here’s a list of various I2P services that aren’t drug markets, that may still be of interest. Many of the services have clear-net alternatives, the advantage being that on I2P your activities are anonymous and secure.

Each link is a b32 address, meaning that you shouldn’t need an address book lookup, and should be able to go directly to the site.

Also, some content on these websites is under copyright, and thus downloading it may be illegal in your area. I don’t publicly endorse piracy, and thus download them at your own discretion. I’m merely trying to convey the techno-geographical landscape of I2P for educational purposes. (i.e. don’t Barret Brown me).

File Sharing


  • This is one of the top sites on I2P. It features thousands of torrents which can be loaded up onto your torrent client for secure, anonymous file-sharing.


  • This has a fairly good library of ebooks that can be searched and downloaded. As of writing this there are 30898 books waiting to be downloaded.


  • Another ebook library which is currently being reorganized, yet still has hundreds, if not thousands of ebooks.



  • This is a secure, distributed messaging platform similar to email, but superior in many ways. For more information read my tutorial.


  • This is a much more typical email service that comes default on your I2P router. It also allows emails to be sent to the clear-net.


  • There’s no link for this one because you’ll need to use an IRC client. But I2P is home to some great discussions, and there’s some information on the I2P router console on how to set it up.


Personal Website

  • With I2P comes a built-in anonymous webserver. Here you can build your own website and host it for free, allowing anyone else on I2P access to it.


  • There’s not a lot to say on this one, except that it’s a simple pastebin which you can use anonymously.


  • I2P’s Twitter. It’s a microblogging platform which currently has over 1100 users.

Git hosting

  • Anonymous Git hosting for sharing source code.



  • A forum for discussion of I2P development. Tends to be fairly active as far as darknet forums go.


  • A more general discussion forum. This is a good place to go for general discussion, technical help, as well as development of I2P and related services.



  • A wiki with how-to guides on a variety of topics. A good place for both new and experienced users.


  • This site has both tutorials, as well as a list of services which it provides. There’s everything here from how-to’s to Python documentation.


  • Notes from Tor and I2P workshops, hosted by Adrian Crenshaw. There’s quite a bit of information here on installing and tweaking various aspects of both I2P and Tor.


  • More step-by-step tutorials. This includes some good guide on installing hardened Gentoo, configuring Thunderbird to access your I2P mail, signature verification in Windows, etc. It’s not pretty, but it’s quite useful.


  • Easily the best site on I2P (kidding of course). This is the I2P mirror of what you’re reading now. Includes tutorials and regular blog posts.



  • If there was ever a right time to use the phrase Pirate Radio, this would be it. Underground 24/7 radio station streaming right to your PC through I2P.


  • A PGP key server where you can upload and download PGP keys. Not a lot to say here other than that its a good choice for anyone hoping to distribute their keys anonymously.


  • A feed aggregator for posts made on various I2P websites (except this one). Its a good place to discover content and keep up to date with the I2P community.


  • This is a distributed, cryptographically secure file store that operates over the I2P network. Tahoe-LAFS is fairly complex, so I’d recommend you read their documentation, but know that most of the I2P community is a fan. The I2P version won’t be great for large files, but is perfect for small ones.

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