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New I2P Portal For TheTinHat

New I2P Portal For TheTinHat

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If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know that a couple of weeks ago I rebuilt my webserver, migrating from Amsterdam to Toronto (still through Digital Ocean). This migration included my Tor relay, I2P router, and, of course, web site.

The new server is configured far more securely, and in the spirit of an excess of caution I decided to add a new hidden service that can be used to access The Tin Hat. The old I2P-based portal (thetinhat.i2p) still works, however the new portal uses stronger encryption, and I have much more confidence in the security of the keys. Again, I have no reason to believe the old keys were compromised, I’m just being cautious. Additionally, the new portal uses longer tunnels (three hops instead of one), minor randomization, and more tunnels, providing stronger anonymity and higher availability. Keep in mind that the location of the server is fully public, so the anonymity benefits of longer, randomized tunnels are likely minor at best.

This new hidden service is at secure.thetinhat.i2p

Additionally, the new server is providing 15GB of storage on the I2P Tahoe-LAFS grid. This is a highly secure distributed storage service that I encourage everyone to check out at KillYourTV.i2p, and

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