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After years of running this site with the only income I make being the odd referral on Digital Ocean, I’ve finally sold out (but not really). A few days ago I finally launched a Patreon page in order to better fund my efforts to continue adding content to the site. I’ve also got a few more sources of income opened up, but more on those later.

Why the change? Over the past couple of years my attention to the site has been sporadic at best. The reason for this is that my time has been diverted to academic research and graduate school, both of which constitute nearly all of my income. In choosing where to put my working hours, it is hard to turn away from what’s paying rent and putting food on the table.

Patreon is my attempt to change this, to allow me to spend more of my time on the site. The plan is that through your support you’ll both hold me accountable and enable me to produce regular and valuable content every week. Fortunately, readership has remained quite steady over the last two years, so for that I owe you all a big thank you!

While I hope Patreon to be my main source of income, I’ve tried to add four more ways to support me in case Patreon doesn’t tickle your fancy. To begin, I’ve partnered with NordVPN so that you folks can get a bit of a discount on your VPN service, while I get a bit of income from your purchase. Additionally, Protonmail has agreed to partner with me, so that whenever you purchase Protonmail Plus using this referral link I’ll get a portion of your purchase. I’ve also signed up as an Amazon affiliate, so that if you switch your bookmark to my affiliate link I’ll get a small percentage of all your Amazon purchases. Finally, of course, Bitcoin donations and Digital Ocean referrals will stay as well, and every share on social media is highly appreciated.

At the end of the day, however, if you don’t have the money or if you don’t feel the need to help out, don’t worry, I get it. The site will remain free, and I’ll keep producing articles and tutorials that everyone can read. But for those who can help and think I deserve it, every dollar put on Patreon, every purchase made through an affiliate link, and every share on social media helps immensely, and for those you’ll have my eternal gratitude.

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