Tutorials: Add-Ons

uBlock Origin, The Best AdBlock Alternative

For AdBlock (Plus) alternatives, look no further than uBlock Origin. This tutorial explains why, and how, you should use it.

Secure Browser Tutorial | Three Easy Steps To Make Chrome and Firefox Secure

An in depth guide on how to set up a secure Chrome or Firefox web browser that is usable by anyone

HTTPS-Everywhere Tutorial | Automatically Encrypt Web Traffic

A guide on how to use HTTPS Everywhere to encrypt your traffic online. It's the easiest way to stay safe, secure, and private

Flashblock Tutorial

A guide on how to use the Flashblock add-on for Firefox to secure your computer from online attacks

Self Destructing Cookies Tutorial | Stop Online Tracking

A guide on how to use the Self Destructing Cookies add-on for Firefox to better secure your privacy and stop online tracking

NoScript Tutorial | Disabling Javascript for Security

How to use the NoScript add-on for Firefox to help secure your browser from online tracking and to defend against attacks

Request Policy Tutorial | Making Firefox More Private and Secure

Learn how to stop online tracking and to secure your computer with the Request Policy add-on for Firefox

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