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I2P-Bote and Thunderbird | Setup Tutorial

I2P-Bote and Thunderbird | Setup Tutorial

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For those new to I2P-Bote, give this tutorial on I2P-Bote a read

I2P-Bote is a wonderful alternative to email, with anonymity and strong encryption robustly built in. However, as many who use it may know, having to go to a separate web client just to check a system which is often infrequently used can be slightly annoying, especially when your other email services are integrated into Thunderbird. Fortunately, integrating I2P-Bote into Thunderbird is actually a surprisingly simple process. There's one little catch though in that NTRU-based addresses can't be used simply due to their sheer length. But other than that this quick tutorial should get you up and running

To add a I2P-Bote address to Thunderbird, first go into the settings menu of the I2P-Bote web client. From here, check off the boxes to enable IMAP and SMTP ports.

Next, open up Thunderbird and add a new account with your destination address followed by '@bote' as the email address. Essentially, [destination address]@bote.

The server name for both IMAP and SMTP will be, with ports 7664 for IMAP and 7665 for SMTP. The username will simply be 'bote', and the password can be anything you want (assuming you haven't changed it in the web client already). Lastly, select 'None' for IMAP connection security and SSL for SMTP connection security. After you've got all these settings pumped in there you should be good to go!

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