Tutorials: Miscellaneous

VPN Drop Protection Using Simple Linux Firewall Rules

Learn how to protect against your VPN dropping using these simply Linux firewall rules

Privacy On Android | 2017 Android Privacy Guide

A tutorial on how to build privacy on your Android device. Learn what you need to do to stay safe and secure.

Linux File Encryption Using GPG

How to encrypt files on Linux using symmetric GPG encryption

VPN Killswitch | Stop Application on Disconnect

Protect yourself against VPN drops by killing processes after disconnects

Digital Security for Journalists | Ten Tools for Privacy

A short guide to cybersecurity tools for journalists, including PGP, OTR, Tails, and more

Securely Delete Files | How To Delete Files Forever

A how to guide on securely deleting important files and documents.

EncFS Cloud Storage Encryption Tutorial | Encrypt Dropbox

A guide on how to encrypt your cloud storage with EncFS encryption

Android Privacy And Security Guide

A guide on how to secure your Android smart phone. Learn to encrypt your texts, calls, and data traffic with apps like TextSecure and Redphone

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